Saturday, 30 August 2014

In The Flesh : Goodreads Love's Landscape's Shifter Darkside

There are shifters, and then there are shifters.

Eli Cain is the most powerful, and fractured, of his shifter pack. A blood junkie, his identity is as fluid as water, his life blurred by jags of amnesia. Hours, days, weeks are lost never to be regained. Only his lover and fellow pack member, Stas, enigmatic, ruthless, eases the darkness. But even Stas could not protect them against the loss of their closest friend and fellow pack member, Vincent. Vincent, despised by the pack for his humanity. 

Vincent, who Eli protected, watched over. Vincent, who has gone missing.

Just where is Vincent? And how will Eli find a way through the darkness to the answers he needs?

In The Flesh is a 12, 500 word short story available as part of the Goodreads #LovesLandscapes event. It is a free read, so click on either of the links below and enjoy :)

For free download as an ePub, mobi or pdf:

To read online at Goodreads.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Horror Cheesy, Classic & Decadent & Debauched

Listening to one of the best movie soundtracks ever … Queen Of The Damned, made me think about my first movie love, horror :)

Queen Of The Damned is, natch, the movie adaptation of the Anne Rice novel. It got one hell of a bad rap when it came out and was filmed, lord love us all, in Melbourne. Exotic? Ha! I do like Stuart Townsend in it as Lestat and even though he’s not a Lestat I or anyone else could EVER have imagined, whatever he’s doing is working, it has Aaliyah in it and Vincent Perez and … hell, it’s just cheesy fun.

Cheesy fun is also a good pretty description of the old English Hammer horror vampire flicks, usually set in Regency Wherever.

If you want to try one, see if you can catch The Vampire Lovers. It’s an adaptation of an old Sheridan le Fanu story Carmilla and is a gas. A sexy lesbian vampire works her way through the local population of virginal young ladies. Naturally, she has to be staked at the very end.

Talk about Freudian.

And to more serious horror flicks … mmm, Dario Argento for the ick factor has to win. Suspiria, anyone? You cannot say you love horror movies if you haven’t caught at least one Argento flick.

More classically, Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, Halloween. I’ll even throw in John Carpenter’s The Thing.

The last horror movie that really truly stayed with me was the vampire film Let The Right One In, a Swedish film of an amazing book by John Ajvide Lindqvist. It’s like no other horror movie I can think of. Nothing pretty, nothing beautiful, it’s ugly, dingy and has a fresh quiet horror of its own variety in the ending. There is a great American adaptation of it, but truly, stick with the original one.

And if you can find it, Lars Von Trier’s The Kingdom TV series. It is just so damned weird and wonderful. It also stars the hospital from hell!

Okay, last but not least, in no particular order, Alien (sci-fi horror), Chronos (Mexican vampire horror), Constantine… not really horror but I loved it.

I’ve left out so many fabulous films, so bad they’re good and some just plain fabulous, but there you go. My short list of recs. Watch at your peril.

And so, right now … a vampire movie I really, really want to see that’s been out since earlier this year, Only Lovers Left Alive, directed by Jim Jarmusch with Tom Hiddleston (Loki!) and the excellent Tilda Swinton (who was the BEST androgynous angel in Constantine). Peak at the trailer, oh, and um… Is that a blood popsicle she's clutching? Carmilla didn't have the only phallic reference in this post:

Looks fabulous, here’s hoping it is,

Ciao my lovelies,


Oh, and the track list from Queen Of The Damned:

1. "Not Meant for Me" Wayne Static of Static-X
2. "Forsaken" David Draiman of Disturbed
3. "System" Chester Bennington of Linkin Park
4. "Change (In the House of Flies)" Deftones
5. "Redeemer" Marilyn Manson
6. "Dead Cell" Papa Roach
7. "Penetrate" Godhead
8. "Slept So Long" Jay Gordon of Orgy
9. "Down with the Sickness" Disturbed
10. "Cold" Static-X
11. "Headstrong" Earshot
12. "Body Crumbles" Dry Cell
13. "Excess" Tricky
14. "Before I'm Dead" Kidneythieves

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Video Post & Review at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

Subtitle: My Circus Life

I had a giggle over at #SinfullySexyBookReviews with a guest video chat. Yes guys, zip over to Sinfully Sexy to watch me blather about Objects, Ben and Evander, those gorgeous guys (yeah, they've still got a chunk of my heart), and writing stuff.

In between dogs running in and out barking at the fence-fixing neighbours (cos that's what makes them happy - the dogs not the neighbours), people wandering about and birds going wild outside, it was a mad circus. It took a few attempts before I managed to get the viddie done. I also wound up with laryngitis! It was great fun though.

More importantly, I loved the review and would love for you guys to check it out. Oh, and incentives! I also have an eBook and #AmazonGiftCard #giveaway going there, so enter the draw!

Have a fabulous weekend, it's Friday morning here! 6.30 in the a.m. … aaaargh! Bring on the weekend!



Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews, Dorian is a Rock Star

Firstly: Objects Of His Obsession is being reviewed on the fabulous Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews site, appearing on the 7th August. Today! Or tomorrow, depending on your time zone... I also do a video guest post! Yes, you can get to watch me opine and generally blather. That was a lot of fun, although I wound up with laryngitis trying to get it right! For anyone who watches it, apologies for the husky voice, I’ll post properly about it once the post is up on Thanks again to everyone at Sinfully Sexy for allowing me the opportunity to talk about Objects, it was a giggle and I really enjoyed it.

Otherwise … aargh! Crazy busy, with a hell commute to the 9-5 I have taken on for the last couple of months – optimistic as ever, I’d thought it might be a three, three and a half hour drive a day max, but nooo! I’ve hit gold and it’s edging towards four.

Why drive, you say? Ask any Melburnian about our public transport system ;-) (Don’t get indignant and start yelling fellow Melbs, you know what I mean.)

So I’m gathering forces and squeezing in writing when I can, as in, not zombied between crazy work and crazy mad traffic, which is a situation I truly hate. I want to get back properly to writing, dammit!

In the meantime, watching the fabulous Penny Dreadful and loving it. For those who watch it, here’s a quiz: who would you rather be, Vanessa or Dorian?

I think Dorian. All the actors in that wonderful show are brilliant, but Dorian is a bad bad boy Victorian rock star. I’d happily be him for a day or two … or decade or many.

Speaking of which, I’m listening to lots of Iggy P and classic late 70’s and early 80’s stuff, writing about a rock star with a love life as complex as … hell, what can I say. I fall for my characters but do have fun torturing them with the angst and drama ;-)

Just because, I thought I’d throw in a photo of the dogs of the house. I think I may have put this up on my Twitter feed before, but we're lazy photo takers here and they’re adorable and a great start to this Thursday morning (6.30 am here, bloody hell).

Ciao my lovelies, I’m running late to start my hell commute!